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Welcome To The Coalition Against Domestic & Community Violence of Greater Chattanooga, Inc.

The Coalition is a nonprofit organization composed of volunteers that was founded in 1994.  It was developed because of the needs of victims and service providers to improve our community's response to domestic violence.

Today, more than 400 representatives across Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama serve in the coalition network.  They come from multiple disciplines.  Attorneys, psychologists, physicans, clergy, business leaders, educators and all parts of the justice system work together to reduce family violence and resulting community crimes.


Mission Statement:


The Coalition Against Domestic and Community Violence of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. seeks to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and resulting crimes in the community.  The coalition network extends across Tennessee, Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama.


Statement of Purpose:


The purpose of the Coalition Against Domestic and Community Violence of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and resulting community crimes by:


a. promoting prevention, early intervention and treatment through education and advocacy.


b. coordinating services among agencies, departments and the courts to improve response to incidences of domestic violence and community violence.


c. advocating and informing elected officials about issues pertaining to domestic and community violence.


Domestic violence is defined as an ongoing pattern of physical, sexual and psychological abuse in intimate or familial relationships.  It includes spousal abuse, violence between unmarried intimate partners of same or different sex, dating violence, child abuse, sexual assault and elder abuse.  Resulting community crimes include such violent and non-violent crimes as assault, stalking, kidnapping, robbery, theft, hostage taking, property crimes, arson, juvenile crime, gang violence and animal abuse.


The Domestic Violence Coalition of Greater Chattanooga is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization of volunteers which was founded in May, 1994.  It was developed out of the expressed needs of victims and service providers to improve community response to family violence issues.  More than 350 representatives now serve in the coalition network from public and private agencies, education, law enforcement and the justice system across three states.  Other involved disciplines include attorneys, psychologists, physicians, clergy, counselors and most importantly, survivors of family violence. 


The Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Hotline

(423) 755-2700 (answered 24 hours/7 days a week)


Domestic Violence is an ongoing pattern of abusive behaviors, physical, sexual and psychological, intended to maintain power and control that occur in intimate, familial or institutional relationships

Membership in the Coalition is open to agencies, organizations, corporations or individuals who support our mission, purpose and philosophy.

For information about membership or activities of the Coalition, browse our website.

For a membership application and for volunteer opportunities, contact us at:

The Coalition Against Domestic & Community Violence   P.O. Box 147,  Lupton City, TN  37350                                                                        


We need volunteers to assist with our many educational opportunities and community events.  For information or to volunteer, call us at 423-875-0120 or Fax to 423-875-9768.


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